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Tieling Valve Co., LTD. Tieling Valve Works which was established in 1935,the company was transformed into Tieling Valve Co.,in 2013,it has a history of more than 80 years for manufacturing valves and has set up military workshops, making outstanding contributions to the cause of the liberation of the Chinese people. It was rated as one of the top 500 enterprises in China's machinery industry. In 1981, the gate valve products of the company for water industry won the first "gold medal of the Administration of the China Quality Award" in the valve industry, and was named "high-tech enterprise" by the state science and technology commission.  

Tieling Valve Co., LTD. is the national largest professional production base of low pressure and big-caliber valve. It's the production, study and research base of Northeastern University and Liaoning University. There are scientific research,casting, mechanical processing,fit out,test in the integration of large professional valve manufacturers also has the independent import and export operation right. The bank credit rating of the company is AAA, it is the best credit enterprise in Tieling, Liaoning to abide by the contract, credit enterprise, is the China General Machinery Industry Association valve branch vice chairman unit and Liaoning Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association vice chairman unit.     

Tieling Valve Co., LTD. has registered capital of 100 million yuan, total assets of 480 million yuan and annual output value of 220 million yuan. It has 480 employees, including 16 senior engineers, 88 engineers and 95 engineering and technical personnel,more than 80% of the company's employees are college graduates."TV" brand valves has won the Liaoning famous brand products and famous brand. In 1995, the company was the first to pass the ISO 9001 international quality system certification of Norske Veritas DNV company in the Chinese valve industry. In the same year, it obtained the " Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China (Pressure Pipeline components)" and obtained the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification and BS OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements,the company's technical center was rated as a provincial technical center, provincial enterprise with harmonious labor relations, provincial well-known reputation. The company has the ability and conditions to continuously develop new products and products with special needs of users,it's also a good supplier of "big five" power group. The products of the company are rated first recommended products by the national science and technology commission, the ministry of construction, the power sector, and Chinese water association units.

Tieling Valve Co.,LTD. has the valve body and actuating device design and manufacturing capabilities. The company covers an area of 160000 square meters,and building area of 100000 square meters. It also has big-caliber valve institute and cast-welding technology experimental base. The company is composed of casting,welding,machining,assembly,painting,packing factories,etc..with strong technical force and well-equipped.

The company's casting equipment includes:8 tons cupola, 5 tons cupola, 10 tons main frequency furnace,two 5 tons main frequency furnaces, as well as the domestic first-class resin sand molding production line and a lost mold production line, an annealing furnace. Casting using resin sand molding can improve the surface roughness 2-3 grades, can produce gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, nickel-chromium alloy cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, low alloy cast iron and other valves,pipe fittings, annual casting capacity of 50,000 tons.

The company's machining equipment:It has a large modern equipment machining center. There are German-made BFP160-1,TPK160-6500 and TX6216C floor digital display boring machine and T6113 boring machine, T68 boring machine, TPX6111B boring machine, TPX6213X56 boring machine,12 m CNC gantry boring and milling machine,160 pairs of CNC floor type boring machine,8m CNC vertical lathe, 5m digital display vertical lathe, 4m double column vertical lathe, 2 m face lathe,CA6140/1500, CW6193B, C5116B and Q5240B ordinary lathe.Z3080, Z3025, Z535, Z310 ¢100 mm large drilling machine.

The company's welding equipment includes:12 meters chamfering machine, 50 mm and 20 mm plate shears, 20 mm,30 mm,50 mm plate bending rolls and 20-200mm large  CNC plasma cutting machine,150 mm copying cutting machine,automatic welding,argon arc welding,gas shielded welding and other types of 38 welders.And equipped with VSR-N06 vibration aging device, can make all kinds of steel welded valves and pipe fittings,welding capacity of 30000 tons,such as nearly one thousand sets of various processing equipment, machine with capacity of 100000 tons.

The company's testing equipment: It has international advanced level of measurement, physical and chemical, testing equipment,has domestic first-class valve test base, can carry out life, flow resistance, flow, abrasion, torque, corrosion, abrasion, vacuum test etc..Also can do hydrodynamic test of DN600mm diameter valves.The company has Japanese Optical Emission Spectrometer, American Handheld Spectrometer, DLY Universal Material Testing Machine, 300KN and WE-30 Universal Material Testing Machine, XTG Metal Microscope, GSHVA Manganese, Phosphorus, Silicon Analyzer, JD18 Universal Projector, JD10A Length Measuring Instrument,Electric Resistance Annealing Furnace and Gas Annealing Furnace, Automatic Surface Treatment Room, Powder Spraying Production Line, X-Ray Flaw Detector, HX Microhardness Tester, HB Brinell Hardness Tester, 19JA Universal Tool Microscope, 721 Spectrophotometer, Thickness Gauge, Complete Machine factory Performance Test Equipment.Also has large sandblasting and blasting equipment, 6×6×5m thermal spraying, QJ600 spraying line, SZD3 series electronic matching airless spraying machine.Moreover, it has two cranes of 50T, 35T, 30T, 20T and 10T respectively, which has the design ability and manufacturing conditions to continuously develop new products and meet the special requirements of users.

The main products of Tieling Valve Co.,LTD. are butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, globe valve, regulating valve, exhaust valve,ball valve, cock valve,rubber valve, steam trap valve, pressure reducing valve,drain valve, knife gate valve, square(round) gate valve, channel gate valve,expansion joints, transmission device, valve complete set of pipe fitting group about 18 categories, there are about thousands of specs and models.The driving mode of products includes: electric, manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric hydraulic linkage, etc..Suitable medium:water,oil, acid, alkali and salt liquids,water, sewage,air,high temperature furnace gas, gas, steam and other kinds of corrosive industrial gases etc..Suitable temperature: - 200~680℃.Suitable pressure: 0.01~42MPa.Nominal diameter:DN15~6000 mm.Our products are widely used in thermal power plant, hydropower plant,nuclear power plant,water conservancy hub,urban water supply, sewage treatment plant,nonferrous metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries.

Tieling Valve Co.,LTD. repeatedly won the title of "national, ministerial, provincial” fine-quality products and a number of scientific and technological achievements reward, more than 80 years, the company has been committed to the development of valve products, research and technological innovation, product development comprehensive use CAD auxiliary design, using international advanced software for 3D design, machining simulation, the valve strength and rigidity with the finite element stress analysis method to ensure the reliability of the product.High-quality products and good reputation has been renowned at home and abroad, export products exported to more than 50 countries and regions.The products of the company have won more than 80 national patents,national new products, scientific and technological achievements. The ten series of products are the new products developed by our company with the domestic leading level,we have obtained 28 national patents which fill a number of domestic gaps.

Tieling Valve Co.,LTD. is one of the first Chinese valve manufacturers to introduce foreign advanced technology, in 1956 through the introduction of the Soviet union advanced technology to produce large-caliber gate valve products, has become the domestic low pressure and big-caliber valve fixed-point production plant of which Z45T-10 series products won the national quality gold medal.In 1958, it developed the first DN3000mm electric gas gate valve in China.In 1964, the company independently developed the first low-pressure large-caliber soft-seal butterfly valve in China, introduced advanced technology from Japanese Kuboda in 1985 and successfully developed the DN3000mm short series of electric butterfly valves.It was equipped with large-caliber electric and liquid-controlled butterfly valves for domestic 300MW and 600MW thermal power units In 1980.It is also used in Pingwei Power Plant.In 1981, DN2000 electric vacuum butterfly valve was successfully developed for Shandong Zouxian Power Plant, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant and Hebei Xibaipo Power Plant etc..and replaced the imported products.Our company is the originator of developing domestic vacuum butterfly valve in China.In 1992, DN2000mm hydraulic main gate valve was developed for Shanghai river sewage treatment project.Since 1993, it has developed DN2000-5200mm and other large welded butterfly valves for Shougang and Baotou Steel.In 1997, DN3800mm liquid-controlled butterfly valve set was developed for Hunan Wuqiang River Power Station.In the early 1990s, a new product flow control valve was developed. In 2000, DN2000mm flow control valve was provided for Dalian Biliu River Reservoir and Taiyuan Yellow River diversion project.In 2003, it provided the bottom hole high-pressure oversize valve for Banglang Hydropower Station, the largest water conservancy project in Myanmar.In 2004, DN3800 sets of liquid-controlled butterfly valves were provided for Sichuan Nalan Hydropower Station.DN4000mm butterfly valve set was manufactured for Wulong Hydropower Station in Sichuan.The company provided DN4000 vacuum butterfly valve for Datong Power Plant.In 2005, DN3800mm ductile iron butterfly valve was developed for urban water supply in Dongguan Guangdong.In 2006, it provided DN4800 liquid-controlled butterfly valves for Fujian Ningde Hongkou Hydropower Station which reached the international advanced level.

Tieling Valve Co.,LTD. has established business contacts with many countries and regions.The company has offices all over the country and its marketing network covers 66 major cities in China."TV" brand valves are sold well in China and exported to more than 50 countries and regions.Many products have been exported to USA ,Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia etc.. We have gained the confidence from the foreign and domestic customers for our product and after sales . We take "scientific management, service users" as the purpose, in the enterprise spirit of "innovation, integrity" to supply the high-quailty products and perfect service. Chairman Taoli with all staff sincerely welcome the domestic and foreign clients to our company for visiting and doing business.