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After-sales Service Commitment

Tieling Valve Co., Ltd. has established a complete pre-sale,in-sale and after-sales service system and a strict after-sales service management system. The company has a user service department with more than 20 professional engineers and skilled workers, and offices in various capital cities, which are solely responsible for the technical exchange and service of the province. The company makes the following service commitments to the bidding products:

1.Our company assists in guiding users to install and debug valves.

2.Our company provides relevant technical information and drawings of bidding products.

3.Our company implements life-long after-sales service for products, and only charges the cost of accessories outside the warranty period.

4.During the warranty period, if the valve fails, the service personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours (after the foreign project visa is processed).

5.My company's user service department is responsible for the three guarantees and after-sales service. After-sales service hotline: 18841089168, each office is responsible for tracking the after-sales service of valves in the region.

6. In order to ensure the correct use and maintenance of products by users, to maintain and effectively play the functions of the products, our company formulates and implements the "service procedures" as follows:

(1)Organizational Functions and Responsibilities

A.User Service:Mainly responsible for answering questions, on-site installation guidance, technical consultation, and regular visits to users Understand market demand and user usage to collect user feedback.

B.Office:Mainly responsible for user's technical consultation, product promotion, on-site installation guidance, product commissioning guidance and analysis and handling of quality issues.

C.Quality Assurance Division:Mainly responsible for reviewing quality issues in user feedback, proposing improvement measures, coordinating various departments to deal with issues and supervising and inspecting the implementation of user services division.

D.Technical Department:Mainly responsible for specific technical work such as answering technical problems of users, technical consultation, understanding of operating conditions, valve selection, and usage guidance.

E.Production Department:Mainly responsible for providing users with wearing parts of valves, spare parts and special tools for on-site maintenance and repair in time.

F.The company is responsible for training and guiding the service knowledge of the service personnel and user maintenance personnel.

(2)Management Content and Requirements:

1)The company establishes and implements "service procedures" to implement necessary management and control over service activities and service personnel.

2)According to the contract requirements, the company determines the scope and content of service activities according to different products, different users' technical conditions, on-site conditions and other differences:

a.provide product use and maintenance instructions; b.supply parts, accessories and wearing parts; c.provide technical advice; d.technical training for use and maintenance personnel;

e.go to the site to troubleshoot or repair and install and debug.

3)Handle customer complaints, letters, letters, and visits in a timely manner and feed back quality information during product use to relevant departments for necessary improvements;

4)Establish and properly keep records of after-sales services, and perform statistical analysis of external faults with appropriate methods to facilitate quality improvement;

5)Equip users with necessary tools for service work; provide users and service personnel with necessary training;

6)Organize relevant personnel to implement user visits in order to solve and deal with the quality problems of the company's products found in a timely manner.

(3)Data Management and Control:

7. After-sales Service Staff Working System:

1)Immediately after receiving the task, prepare the required parts, tools and other necessary supplies to start on time.

2)After arriving at the service site, we first understand the situation and propose solutions. We must take the initiative and enthusiasm to pay attention to the service attitude, seriously solve the problem and ensure user satisfaction.

3)After the work is completed, the completion report should be filled in a realistic manner and the user should be asked to fill in the opinion stamp.

4)All repaired parts replaced by users should be brought back or sent back to save the cost of three guarantees.

5)Should abide by the rules and regulations of the users.

8.After-sales Service Staff Work Plan:

1)Service in a planned way:For the services in key areas, according to our factory's market share, we will set up a resident service to serve key projects.

2)Strengthen user training:According to user requirements, you can go directly to the factory for training, the main content is the maintenance of the structure, transmission device, debugging methods and troubleshooting.

3)Conduct on-site training for maintenance and operation personnel of key users, mainly explain product structure, performance, maintenance of transmission devices, troubleshooting, maintenance, debugging knowledge and answer questions raised by users Companies often convene service personnel to hold seminars to exchange service experience and knowledge.

4)Service personnel in the factory should often go deep into the workshop to master the products of our factory, especially the situation of new products.

5)In order to better serve users, we must do a good job of user visits.